Devastated Dog Clings To Owner Because He Knows He’s Being Surrendered To Shelter

Dogs are intelligent creatures. They’re in tune with their surroundings and other people’s feelings. They feel empathy, sadness, elation, and relief. This dog, named Moses, is a prime example of a dog that knows exactly what is going on– and it’s heartbreaking!

Moses was adopted a year ago from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency. He thought he found the perfect forever family. But alas, his “forever” family only lasted a short time. They are moving and claim they cannot take Moses with them.

As Nancy Klein, an animal advocate with the shelter, was leaving for the day, she ran into Moses and saw him as he clung tightly to his “owner.”

Klein said: “It’s like he ‘knew’ the way he clung to his owner,” stated Nancy. “I had to catch my breath. As I asked why he (the owner) said they had to move and he wasn’t allowed. I took out my phone and well …you can see for yourself.”

Moses is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet! Even his “owner” says he’s terrific with kids, other dogs, and even cats. After filming, Moses climbed onto Klein’s lap as if he was begging her to help.

Klein added: “My heart literally sank. He wanted to meet everyone there, including the boy and his mom who were in the lobby. It took everything in me not to just take him home.”

The shelter created a Facebook page for Moses, saying: “My name is Moses, and I am a neutered male, white and brown pit bull terrier. The shelter staff thinks I am about 4 years-old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 21, 2017. I am available for adoption or rescue on Jan 21, 2017.” For more information about this dog, call the Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. Ask for information about animal ID#A436891.

This sweet dog deserves a FOREVER home that is FOREVER! So do many dogs just like him! You can view Nancy Klein’s video of Moses below.

🐶UPDATE🐶 Since the story and video have been viewed over 1,000,000 times, Moses has found his forever home. The shelter promises he will never have to feel afraid or rejected again!

h/t Pet Rescue Report

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