Dog Rescued With Sharp Metal In Neck

On January 4, Rescued ‘n Ready Animal Foundation (RnR) rescued a dog who was seen roaming around with a piece of sharp, metal, duct-like tubing stuck around his neck in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It’s unknown exactly how the pipe got around his neck or how long it’s been there for, but they believe it’s been on him since summer. Supposedly no one could catch him, not even Tulsa Animal Control. Thankfully, RnR was able to get ahold of him.

When they brought him to their clinic, they saw just how bad his wounds were. They cut the tubing off his neck to reveal a deep wound in both ends of his neck and head. On top of that, he is also severely anemic, malnourished, and tested positive for tick disease. They aren’t even sure how this dog has managed to eat.

He is in horrible shape, but his will to survive is absolutely incredible. It’s a miracle that he even survived the frigid temperatures, let alone the pipe on his neck. But rescuers were determined to get this dog better. He even wagged his tail twice for them, giving them hope that he will make it. They decided to name this sweet pup “Marvel.”

Two days later, Marvel is still hanging in there and has continued to eat and drink well. They changed his bandages and he may have his wound sutured with a drain. He is resting and sleeping and continues to fight every day.