Four Heroic Young Boys Save Abandoned, Skinny Dog Who Was Tied Up With Bungee Cords

Meet Kenneth, Kenny, Kevin, and Andrew: four young animal rescuers who all have huge hearts!

The four boys were helping a woman move in their neighborhood in Detroit. While they were helping, they walked by a vacant house. There, they came across a skinny, abandoned dog who had been tied up with bungee cords.

The boys immediately untied the pup, and one of the boys brought her home with him. They named the dog Sparkles.

The boy who brought Sparkles home fed her some bologna. The dog loved it; she ate all the food he gave her and kept coming back for more!

The boys played with the dog for hours. The pup immediately bonded with her rescuers—she was so happy to be free.

The boys decided to call Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, an animal rescue group that often takes in stray dogs. When the rescuers arrived, the boys asked lots of questions about where Sparkles was going to go. They wanted to make sure she would be okay.

“You could tell they really love this dog,” Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue founder Theresa Sumpter told WDIV. “They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Detroit Pit Crew Rescue shot a quick video with the boys where they discussed the incredible dog rescue.
The rescuer asked the boys if they would call Detroit Pit Crew if they found anymore abandoned dogs in the future. The four boys quickly said yes—they wanted to help as many dogs as they could.

The boys said goodbye to Sparkles, and the rescuers brought her over to the vet.
They were worried she had mange, but she ended up testing negative for it. Once Sparkles got a clean bill of health, the rescuers brought the pup to her new foster home. Sparkles loved getting to roll around in the grass!

Sparkles has now been adopted into a great home, and Andrew, Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin have continued rescuing dogs in their neighborhood. A few months after the boys rescued Sparkles, they saved two more stray pups.

Detroit Pit Crew Rescue wrote a post on their Facebook thanking the boys for saving these two dogs.
“These are two more sweet dogs rescued by the same 4 brothers that rescued Sparkles,” Detroit Pit Crew wrote on Facebook. “We weren’t able to take their pictures because they are in school today but we wanted to put a shout out to them and say thank you for being heroes to two more dogs. Both dogs are now on board with Detroit Pit Crew and headed to the vet’s office.”

Thanks to Andrew, Kenneth, Kenny, and Kevin’s heroic actions, Sparkles and the other dogs they’ve saved are now in great homes! We’re so glad these kind animal rescuers were able to help sweet Sparkles.