Pit Bull Forced To Give Birth In Thorn Bushes After Being Dumped, Then Shelter Teaches Owner A Lesson

Some people do things that are so unimaginable and so cruel. Animals are helpless; if they don’t live in the wild, they’re dependent on humans for their basic needs. Those pregnant cats and dogs, for instance, need special care and attention. They don’t ask to be abandoned just before giving birth.

We’ve all seen the effects of this desertion even if we haven’t experienced it directly. For one new mama dog in Lemoore, California, she was lucky enough to be saved thanks to a total stranger’s willingness to stop and help.

The good Samaritan realized the mother dog was friendly enough; she didn’t spot any of her pups though. She decided to call a dog rescue. Kings SPCA Halfway Home answered the call. It took some creativity, but the rescuers got the mother to show them where her babies were. They used their phones to play the noise of crying puppies. This sent the mama dog into protective, nurturing mode. She rushed off to look after her babies.

By now several volunteers joined in to help. They leashed the mama dog. It was as though the mama dog sensed the people were there to help. She led them through thickets and underbrush until they finally came to a hollow where she had kept her ten puppies. After the shelter staff and volunteers got the mama pit bull and the pups to safety, they had some choice words for the folks who ditched her.

They addressed their letter “To the owner of our newest addition.” What followed was a severe, stern reprimand.

“We know you don’t care because you dumped your pregnant 1-year-old dog in the middle of nowhere. We know you don’t care that she was attacked by other animals while she searched for food. We know you don’t care that she had to climb into thorn bushes to give birth in order keep her babies safe.

“We know you have already forgotten the look on her face when you drove away after discarding her like an old tire on the side of the road.

“We know she is full of love and kindness….love and kindness that you obviously lack! Your lack of compassion for this beautiful momma is sickening. She is not trash. So don’t worry your selfish, heartless, lazy, ignorant little head. She doesn’t need you.”

It closes with a more positive slant, telling the heartless person about all the good people who stepped in to save this mama dog and her babies: “It reminds me that there are selfless, compassionate people still around that are fighting the same fight to save a life….or in this case a family.”

Hopefully, this horrible person who did the unthinkable will read this letter. I know for sure that this sweet lady and her pups will find good, loving homes.