Raccoon Thinks About Getting In The Pool, And The Dog Shows Up And Convinces Him

Having a relaxed afternoon by the pool is the best way to spend your day. And as most of us would imagine this would include lots of sunbathing and maybe barbecue, the days at the pool for this family are unlike any others because they witness of the unusual friendship between Tito the raccoon and Penny the Labrador.

The raccoon is a rescue animal that found his forever home in the family of the chocolate Labrador, and the two are inseparable ever since. Their friendship is uncommon but the two created a bond that is impossible to break. What these lovely pals enjoy the most is splashing around in the water and swimming together.

Their mommy is always thrilled to watch them bonding by the pool that she felt like she had to share their adorable interaction with the rest of the world.

As Tito approaches the pool’s edge and tries to touch the water with his sweet little paws, Penny comes along and the two are ready to party down.

They both make a splash into the water and start swimming side by side, and as though that’s not enough cuteness for one day, the tiny raccoon hops on the doggie’s back and hitches a ride around the pool. The sight is simply amazing, but then Penny decides it’s enough swimming for one day and gets out of the pool while Tito can’t have enough of the water and we even get to see his tiny paddling paws.

Check out the video of these pals getting a buzz out of the hot summer day.

Aren’t they the most adorable couple out there? 🙂