Rescuers Find Scared, Injured Puppy Hiding In Plastic Bag—Now Watch His Stunning Transformation

When Animal Aid Unlimited, India received a call about an injured puppy hiding in a plastic bag, they immediately jumped into action. Rescuers headed over to the area where the puppy was found. They carefully approached the plastic bag and started to open it.

The puppy yelped in pain as the rescuers moved the bag. The puppy had a bad injury on his hip, and he was also covered in mange.

The rescuers tried to pick the puppy up, but every time they touched him he yelped. Finally, they were able to coax him out of the bag with biscuits. The starving puppy gratefully ate as much as he could.

After the puppy ate, one of the rescuers carefully put him up in a towel. The poor puppy yelped again but then quieted down when he was in the rescuer’s arms.
“This dear little boy was suffering so much, his worried eyes never relaxed for even a moment in the first several days after rescue,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote.

The rescuers rushed to Animal Aid Unlimited’s sanctuary. Once they got there, they immediately began treating the puppy’s deep hip injury. They also gave him a bath, and they began giving him medicine to cure his mange.

For six weeks, the rescuers cared for the puppy, giving him the medicine he needed and plenty of food to help him get up to a healthy weight. Finally, all their hard work paid off!

Six weeks after arriving at the sanctuary, the puppy looked like a whole new dog. He had a healthy coat of black fur, and he ran without any pain. The rescuers decided to name the cute puppy Jumper.

Little Jumper loved hanging out the rescuers, and he was so happy that he could run and play with his new friends!

Animal Aid Unlimited posted a video of Jumper’s rescue on their YouTube page. It quickly went viral, receiving over six million views.
Everyone who watched the video was amazed by Animal Aid Unlimited’s kind actions. Everyone was also happy to see Jumper doing so well.

We may never know how Jumper got his hip injury, but thankfully, he’s now doing great, and he’s surrounded by people who love and care about him. If you’d like to learn more about Jumper, check out the video below. If you’d like to help Animal Aid Unlimited with their lifesaving work, consider donating to their organization.

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