Senior Dog Dumped At Shelter For Being Old

Some people do not deserve dogs. A heartless family dropped off their 13-year-old dog at the shelter stating, “she is too old.” The dog named Puppy was abandoned by her family when she needed them most.

Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter located in Chatsworth, California immediately posted on Facebook about Puppy and asked for someone to adopt the sweet dog. They described the adorable dog as, “Puppy is only 13 years old and still has so much life in her. A spayed female, white Poodle – Miniature mix. About 13 years old, weighs approximately 13 pounds.”

She was filthy, itchy and in desperate need of a bath. After her bath, she transformed into a pure white fluff ball. “Look at her now! New look and feeling fabulous. Ready for a new life!” A kind-hearted person came into the shelter and adopted the adorable senior dog.

Now she will spend the rest of her days in a loving home. “Oh yes, she’s better off without that “family” of hers,” posted the shelter. We agree.

Senior pets have so much love to give and deserve to live in a loving home with a soft bed to sleep in. Please consider a senior pet when you adopt.