The Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

Kickstarter is a massive platform to help an idea become a reality. And, since its beginning in 2009, it has helped over 100,000 projects out. When it comes to something this big, the most successful campaigns raise millions of dollars each and we cannot wait to share those stories with you.
As we have said, Kickstarter is an interesting way to get your idea off the ground and so far, it has raised over 2.3 billion dollars from people who want to support projects. For new investors, Kickstarter has become a lot safer, and healthier alternative to bank loans and maxing out their credit cards. Those who choose to back the project up usually receive rewards when the project is successful, most commonly, the reward is the product itself.

This has led to Kickstarter being an important part of the business world. Startups all around the world are using Kickstarter campaigns to start off with their projects and to advertise them in a very smart way. Some people even go back to Kickstarter with a second, or even third project after seeing success with their first one. Basically, using this platform means that you can avoid bringing in investors too early and losing the control over your company.

However, raising money on Kickstarter is only the first step, and possibly even the easiest one. Those who want to really succeed need to get a hold on production, pricing, hiring, and distribution of their products (to name a few issues one might face).  And these people have done it. Read our list to see what it takes to make your Kickstarter campaign a success by seeing how others did it.


When Nikolaj Hviid made a decision to leave his position as a head of design in a famous audio company and create his own wireless headphones, he knew he was going to need some capital. So he turned to Kickstarter and successfully raised 3.4 million dollars. But, why was he such a success? Well, having a vast experience in the industry, Hviid knew exactly how to properly place his products and protect his intellectual property. By the time the production began, he already had everything figured out. From producing large quantities, proper pricing, and international shipping. This meant that his products were available in over 100 countries and that allowed him to sell well over half of a million of units.


When Stefan Pokorny’s had an awesome idea of creating a modular terrain for anyone who enjoys their sessions of fantasy role play and to kick it off, he started his campaign on Kickstarter. Soon enough, he managed to raise over 8 million dollars for the Dwarven Forge. In the year 2015 alone the revenue brought in by the Dwarven Forge revenue topped 3 million dollars. And the reason why is simple. If you have ever played Dungeons & Dragons or any other, similar table top game, you have noticed how tricky it can be to fully immerse yourself without visual aids. A lot of people play without any version of a board and rely on their imagination to enjoy the game, while others buy certain tiles or boards that provide a bit of visual aid.

What Stefan did, however, is a huge game changer. With his product, game masters are now capable of creating entire cities, castles and underground dungeons for their friends to enjoy. And backing him on Kickstarter meant that they would get the product at a much lower price than if they had to purchase it themselves.


Yes, Oculus, the most recognizable name in the business of virtual reality headsets has started off at the Kickstarter. It successfully raised 2.4 million dollars before being acquired by Facebook itself. When Palmer Luckey started his career he was basically a child. Born in 1992, this young genius was only 20 years old when his project reached the point where he can start his Kickstarter campaign. Prior to that, he was raising money for his head mount by fixing phones in his father’s garage, working as a groundskeeper, youth sailing coach, and repairing computers.

His project was bought only 2 years after the initial Kickstarter campaign started. And Facebook forked over 3 billion dollars for it. We do not know how much of it was Palmer’s cut, however, Forbes magazine estimated his net worth to be over 700 million dollars in the year 2015. The reason this one worked was the fact that he managed to invent a brand new style of gaming with affordable production costs. Something not many can replicate.