This Adorable Odd Couple Survived Life On The Streets. Now They’re Looking For A New Forever Home

Common wisdom holds that cats and dogs and dogs aren’t supposed to get along, but don’t you dare tell this shy German shepherd, Libby, and her kitten BFF.

This inseparable dog and cat duo foraged their strong bond while fending for themselves on the mean streets of Tyler, Texas. These days, they’re happy, healthy, and looking for a forever home together.

Tyler resident Myka Brenson noticed Libby last year while driving her daughter to school. She pulled over, but found herself unable to lure this painfully shy creature towards the car. Just then, a playful black kitten bounded over, and the dog warily followed.

Since then, Brenson and her husband, Andrew, stopped by twice daily to feed hungry odd couple, who only seemed to work together in a unit. In time, the couple were finally able to coax both cat and dog to the vet, where they were spayed, vaccinated and given a clean bill of health.

Now the Brensons (who already own four German shepherds, but unfortunately remain allergic to cats) are hoping to find Libby and Gizmo a forever home together.

“She’s making gains every day,” says Andrew of the dog, whose underlying skittishness hints at past abuse, but still seems to abate when her favorite cat is around. You can see their close bond in the video below!

“For four months we couldn’t pet her,” he told “Now, we’re petting her, she’s walking on a leash with us, she’s doing very well,” he says.

The Brensons believe Libby would be best served living with an experienced dog owner able to provide lots of love, time, and patience to a sweet dog struggling to overcome her past trauma. And because Libby doesn’t go anywhere these days without a certain feline in tow, this person must also love cats!